Marina Solna Kołobrzeg / Investments

Investments in the yacht harbor

Yacht Port Modernization in Kolobrzeg - Stage I
The project "Modernization of the marina in Kolobrzeg" was carried out under the project of the West Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organization – "The West Sailing Trail - a network of tourist ports in West Pomerania". The modernization took over expansion of the port in Kołobrzeg, and provided a club house with toilets, club rooms, shops, offices and a lecture hall, as also a repair and winter storage halls and boats service. It has also provided a better, modernized waterfront with floating piers and the access to water and electricity for moored boats. The entire area of the marina was also redeveloped by creating sidewalks, parking lots, playground and green areas.

The modernization of harbor basin - stage II
Investment in harbor basin was 100% financed by the “Ryby” Operational Programme 2007-2013, it included things like renovation of waterfronts( Łodziowe and Szkolne), providing electrical and water supply to the boats, making the new lighting and monitoring, and the green spaces has also been managed. The upgrade also carried a slip and installed the sewage disposal point.

The modernization of the waterfront around the Redoubt Morast - Stage III
It is planned to perform a sheet pile wall that would protect shafts against landslides and carried out with the floating platform. Waterfront is to be equipped with electricity and water supply points , as well as docks for mooring yachts. The investment will also include a bridge with the necessary rescue equipment and security cameras , and the shafts will be restored and planted providing them against landslides.

Conservation works of Redoubt Morast - Stage IV
It is planned to restore the historic appearance of the historic defensive fort - Redoubt Morast. Due to the inclusion the object as a monument whole, project and restoration will proceed in cooperation with the Provincial Conservator of Monuments. Conservation works are to ensure restoration of the building structure, shafts, and the area inside the Redoubt Morast. Building a new harbor basin - Stage V The area of the planned investment includes land located on the south of Warzelnicza street. The designed pool is to have a size of about 1.5 hectares and accommodate about 100 boats with floating platforms and wharves.

The project involves the implementation of a harbor basin that will be fully equipped with access to water, electricity and sewage disposal point and sanitary facilities for the users. Also been designed a petrol station, a bridge connecting marina and the fishing port and the fishing harbor mobile crane. Performing all phases of the modernization Marina Solna in Kolobrzeg will create a unique marina for about 250 yachts, which, due to its location is an attractive place for both Polish and foreign sailors.